Welcome To Terran

We’ve built some amazing eCommerce brands and content sites.

Domain Investing

In real estate it’s “location, location, location”.  In domain investing it’s “name, name, name”.  We invest in category killing keyword domains that will be relevant for years to come.


We love investing in eCommerce domain names and have built out several online stores.  We have become experts in online shopping, pick/pack, customer service, PPC, and conversions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is how we got our start way back in 2004.  We love this hands off approach to monetizing our domain investments.



We’ve been specializing in SEO since 2005 and have seen all the tribulations this industry has to offer.  That’s why we focus on killer content, amazing user experiences, and 100% white-hat SEO.

About Us

Terran, LLC started back in 2010 as a keyword domain investment company.  We focus on building out certain assets to increase their value and provide income on our investments.  With changes in SEO over the past few years, we updated our focus to concentrate on ecommerce and building out products of our own.  It’s more work, but search engines have begun to frown upon affiliate marketing sites; we’ve had to adapt with the times.  We typically don’t hire out our services, but will discuss ecommerce or WordPress projects that start at a minimum of $4,000.  With years of experience we have the resources at our disposal to build out top-notch sites and do so with great communication, quick timelines, and reliability that’s second to none.

Get In Touch

Do you have a quality keyword domain, or brandable .com domain name you think we might want to purchase?  Are you interested in one of our domain names?  Do you have an ecommerce or WordPress site you need help building out?  Do you have a business proposal you would like to discuss with us?  Then drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

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